Workshop Day

Workshop A: Optimizing Novel Target Discovery

Tuesday February 25: 9:00am-12:00pm

Bringing together experts from the autoimmune field, this workshop will discuss the common challenges facing target discovery and validation.

Whilst there are now multiple varying tolerance platforms that are clinically promising, what’s missing within both the autoimmune and transplant space is the ability to identify antigens that need to be targeted. This workshop will explore applicable techniques that are amenable for identifying novel targets including antigens, auto-antigens and epitopes in the autoimmune and transplant space.

The application of hybrid peptide epitopes will be explored whilst epitope spreading and the role of bystander suppression will also be analyzed.

Workshop Co-Leaders:


Stephen Miller,Co-Founder of Cour Pharmaceuticals; Professor of Microbiology-Immunolog, Northwestern University Medical School

Simi Ahmed, Director of Research & Lead of the Immune ,Therapies Program, JDRF

Martin Roland, Head - Department of Neuroimmunology &, Multiple Sclerosis Research, University Hospital Zurich

Workshop B: Tolerance Induction in Antigen Specific Immunotherapies: Applications to Transplantation

Tuesday February 25: 1:00pm-4:00pm

This interactive workshop will look to explore tolerance induction within transplantation and examine what lessons can be applied to the antigen specific immune tolerance space.

Hear about and discuss:

  • Current standards in immune modulation in tissue/organ transplantation – what are the shortcomings and needs of surgeons
  • Tolerance in organ transplantation – current state of the art and science
  • Application of ASIT to transplantation – opportunities and challenges

Workshop Leader:

Shahrokh Shabahang, Chief Innovation Officer, AdiTxt Therapeutics

With insight from:

Waldo Concepcion, Professor of Surgery (Abdominal Transplantation) & of Pediatrics (Nephrology),Stanford University Medical Center

Giles Benichou, Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard, Medical School, Senior Immunologist, Massachusetts General Hospital