Workshop Day

January 26, 2021

Techniques & Technologies for Antigen Discovery to
Inform Therapeutic Approaches

7am-10am PST | 10am-1pm EST

This workshop will dive into the latest detailed techniques in how to screen for and identify antigens and autoantigens for specific disease indications. Our experts will share how they utilize updated methods to understand the specific proteins within a patient that immune cells target.

This comprehensive workshop will also dive into approaches to map and identify immunogenic epitopes to provide coverage for within an antigen and the latest technology advancements instead of global auto immune antigen profiling.

Workshop Co-Leaders:

Richard Boismenu

Richard Boismenu
Chief Scientific Officer

Stuart Mannering photo

Stuart Mannering
ASI Visiting Speaker Program Coordinator, Head, Human T-cell Laboratory Immunology and Diabetes Unit
St. Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research