Building the Biomarker Toolbox for Practical Tolerance Strategies: Evaluating Biomarkers for Determinants of Efficacy, Patient Selection, & Durability

Time: 11:05 am
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day


This session is your opportunity to assess your biomarker toolbox from early-stage, preclinical research and practically translate to clinical studies

  • Exploring precision medicine to transform the treatment paradigm in autoimmunity
  • Delving into the relationship between mechanistic and disease biomarkers
  • Designing a biomarker program for clinical trials in antigen-specific tolerization
  • Using multiple parameters to understand the mechanisms of tolerization
  • Harnessing single-cell transcriptomic data for immune tolerance biomarkers
  • Assessing the feasibility of cell assays to develop simpler assays that can be used in clinical phase multi-center studies
  • Discussing both patient disease markers and mechanistic markers in tolerance studies, biomarkers of autoimmunity relevant to tolerance
  • Assessing functional assays of tolerance
  • Demonstrating bystander suppression via biomarkers
  • Investing in biomarkers to accelerate biomarkers as a tolerance endpoint – discussing what will regulators accept