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3rd Antigen Specific Immune Tolerance Drug Development Summit Event Guide

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Across the community, there is rapid movement to make antigen specific therapeutics a reality for patients. The life changing potential of theses therapeutics is what fundamentally brings the industry together to this summit with leaders, biotech, pharmaceuticals and academics sharing their successes and lessons learned.

Join decision makers at this exclusively digital event to learn critical lessons learned in identifying antigens and epitopes, the intersect and potential of gene therapy and antigen specific immune tolerance induction and more.

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  • Insights into the future of immune tolerance, bringing antigen specific immune tolerance therapies to the clinic and the utilization of different approaches
  • Success stories in overcoming challenges in antigen discovery for complex disease progression
  • Hear how your peers are revisiting pipelines and shaping their strategy in line with the field’s latest developments and keep yourself up-to-date with the community and its direction
  • Full breakdown of interactive sessions, case studies and networking opportunities for to learn, debate and share your ideas