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Novoviah Pharmaceuticals

Novoviah has developed a best-in-class diagnostic and monitoring platform for rare antigen-specific T cells, providing the versatility of ELISpot with the sensitivity of tetramer assays. Requiring only 12ml of unseparated blood, the system is currently used in a number of celiac disease multicentre clinical trials and is under development for T1D and melanoma. Novoviah is seeking prospective users or development partners for other T Cell-mediated diseases, including autoimmunity, cancer, and food sensitivity.

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Nykode Therapeutics

Nykode Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel immunotherapies with a focus on the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. Nykode’s modular vaccine technology specifically targets antigens to Antigen Presenting Cells (APC), to direct tailor-made immune responses customized for each disease. Partnerships include Genentech and Regeneron, within oncology and infectious diseases. Nykode has recently applied the APC-targeted technology to optimize Ag-specific immune tolerance for treatment of autoimmunity.

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Barinthus Biotherapeutics

Barinthus Biotherapeutics plc (formerly Vaccitech plc) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel T cell immunotherapies for guiding the immune system to overcome chronic infectious diseases, autoimmunity and cancer. Barinthus’ lead product candidate in autoimmunity is VTP-1000, which is an antigen-specific tolerance immunotherapy for treating celiac disease. VTP-1000 and other pipeline programs in tolerance/autoimmunity are enabled by the SNAP-TITM platform, which comprises self-assembling nanoparticles codelivering antigens and immunomodulators optimized for promoting tolerogenic T cell immunity.

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Nextera opens a path towards disease-specific understanding and therapy in cancer and autoimmunity by intersecting the problem at the core - the adaptive immune receptor synapse - translating to targeted disease-specific treatment without compromising the patient’s health.
NextCore developed TCR-Like antibodies have exquisite specificity and unique potency towards disease-specific pHLA targets addressing the unmet demand for safe and improved targeted immunotherapy.

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