Renaissance of Interleukin-2 as a Sensitive Biomarker for Antigen-Driven Clinical Reactions & Monitoring Rare Antigen-Specific T cells in Blood

Time: 11:45 am
day: Conference Day One


  • IL-2 shows as the most dynamic/consistent marker of CD4+ T cell activation in whole blood stimulated with gluten peptides
  • Administration of immunogenic gluten peptides or gluten causes acute symptoms in celiac disease within 2 hours, correlated in timing and magnitude with IL-2 elevations in plasma 
  • Whole blood IL-2 release assays for antigen-specific T cells are substantially more sensitive than ELISpot assays and appear to be as effective as flow cytometry-based assays using tetramers, potentially offering a monitoring tool for many T Cell mediated disease clinical trials, requiring only 12 ml of blood, low preparation time/complexity, and permitting storage/batch-testing of plasma