Tackling Antigen Selection & Understanding Immune Tolerance in Autoimmune Diseases

Time: 8:05 am
day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day


Join this interactive, discussion-based, deep-dive session to discuss the basic science of tolerance approaches for autoimmune disease therapeutics and navigate antigen selection across homogenous and heterogeneous diseases to hone therapeutic strategies.

  • Putting B-cells in the spotlight to understand their role in inducing tolerance to an antigen
  • B-cells vs T-cells? Assessing which to go after and target in tolerizing strategies
  • Emphasizing mechanisms in immune tolerance and understanding the spread of immune tolerance to other antigens and the role of epitope spread
  • Assessing with T-reg directed therapies, is being non-antigen specific enough? Honing antigen-specific t-regs
  • Identifying multiple mechanisms and achieving immune tolerance; demonstrating preclinically and showing these mechanisms in in-human studies
  • Assessing antigen selection for complex diseases to identify target antigens
  • Tackling tolerance in complex heterogeneous disease settings rather than a well-defined population
  • Evaluating going after well-defined antigens vs diseases with multiple antigens driving the disease
  • Delving into bystander tolerance and exploring agnostic tolerance to deepen the understanding of antigen-specific tolerance mechanisms
  • Exploring the Epstein Barr Virus as a viral antigen in MS to illuminate antigen discovery and tolerance understanding
  • Mining big data for antigen correlations and to explore patient phenotypes to treat autoimmune diseases