Coming 2019

Accelerate the discovery, translational success, clinical development and commercialization of safe and effective antigen-specific immune tolerance therapies

The clinical heterogeneity of the more than 80 autoimmune diseases presents a significant challenge with respect to the development of therapies designed to re-establish self-tolerance. As the first generation of antigen-specific immune tolerance therapies enters the clinic and excitement around the recent deals, partnerships, IPOs and investments reaching new heights, now is the time for an industry forum for regulatory agencies, large pharma, pioneering biotech and academia to unite.

With opportunity aplenty for those that can successfully translate ground breaking science into a novel class of therapies to treat autoimmunity, the inaugural Antigen-Specific Immune Tolerance Drug Development Summit 2018 will be dedicated to determining mechanisms of action and validation of more predictable pre-clinical models that can be effectively translated into a human clinical setting. Furthermore, as the current standard of care for autoimmunity leads to adverse side effects, discover the latest clinical data, manufacturing and commercialization strategies to ensure this novel class of antigen-specific immune tolerance therapeutics is safely and effectively delivered to the patient market.

Antigen Specific Immune Tolerance

"I am looking for the summit to inform me of what is happening in the field of translational tolerance and to inform colleagues of our approach to tolerance induction which is now in the clinic. It is finally time to test immune tolerance therapies in well designed and controlled clinical trials."

Stephen Miller- Cour