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Why Attend Antigen-Specific Immune Tolerance Drug Development Summit?

With excitement and opportunity for those who act now and successfully overcome the scientific, product development, regulatory and commercialization challenges associated with antigen-specific immune tolerance therapies – Join the 1st Antigen-Specific Immune Tolerance Drug Development Summit 2018 to:

symbol logo Revisit and widen your understanding of underlying causes of autoimmunity from world-class experts such as Immune Tolerance Network, JDRF, NIH and Harvard University.
symbol logo Find out about the most innovative therapeutic approaches that target immune tolerance pathways from leading companies such as Takeda, Pfizer, Novartis & Eli Lilly.
symbol logo Through real world case studies from the likes of FDA, Tolerion, Nektar Therapeutics, AnTolRx, Selecta Biosciences & Topas Therapeutics maximize your success rates to translate ground breaking science into a novel class of therapies to treat autoimmunity.
symbol logo Debate, challenge and cut through the hurdles associated with successful translation from pre-clinic to clinic and how to design robust human trials for effective antigen-specific immune tolerance therapies.
symbol logo Find out what is the future regulatory and commercialization directions of antigen-specific immune tolerance therapies from the key decision makers within FDA, big pharma and leading biotech companies.

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