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9:00 am Opening Remarks from the Chair

Developing Clinically-Relevant Antigen-Specific Tolerogenic Approaches

9:10 am Panel: What Progress Has There Been in Achieving Antigen Specific Therapeutics

  • Simi Ahmed Director of Research & Lead of the Immune Therapies Program, JDRF
  • Jose Carballido Executive Director (Translational Medicine/ Preclinical Safety), Novartis
  • David Wraith Founder & Chief Scientific Officer – Apitope; Director, Institute of Immunology & Immunotherapy, University of Birmingham

10:00 am Success Story: Gliadin-Encapsulating Nanoparticles Induce Gluten-Specific Tolerance in Celiac Disease – Results of A Phase 1/ 2 Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial

  • Ciaran P. Kelly Professor of Medicine/Chief/Director/Medical Director, Harvard Medical School/Herman L. Blumgart Internal Medicine Firm/Gastroenterology Fellowship Training/Celiac Center

10:30 am Challenges in Defining & Measuring Immunological Tolerance in the Long Term

11:00 am Digital Speed Networking

Immune Tolerance using Gene Therapy Approaches

11:40 am Challenges and Opportunities for Immune Tolerance Induction in AAV Gene Therapy

12:10 pm Live Q&A and interactive discussion: What is the potential of inducing antigen-specific tolerance using gene therapy approaches?

12:40 pm Lunch & Digital Speed Networking

Bringing Antigen Specific Immune Tolerance Therapies to The Clinic

1:40 pm Developing Robust Data to Valid MoA & Demonstrate Clinical Proof of Concept

  • David Wraith Founder & Chief Scientific Officer – Apitope; Director, Institute of Immunology & Immunotherapy, University of Birmingham

2:10 pm Developing Suitable Preclinical Models to Enable Successful Clinical Translation

  • Dr Bruce Mazer Associate Scientific Director, Strategy , Canadian Covid-19 Immunity Task Force

2:40 pm Induction of cytolytic phenotype in human and mouse CD4+ T-cells by MOG-derived Imotopes™ and validation of the immunosuppressive capacity in mouse models of Multiple Sclerosis

3:10 pm Developing Biomarker Assays that Can Inform Both Target Engagement & Pharmacodynamic Effects

  • Brendan Classon Vice President Research & Development, Parvus Therapeutics

3:40 pm Biomarker-Driven Trial Design and Patient Stratification for Clinical Trials

The Use of Cell Therapy to Induce Immune Tolerance

4:10 pm Cell Squeezing RBCs to Create Therapy for Inducing Antigen- Specific Tolerance

  • Shinu John Associate Director, Immune Tolerance, SQZ Biotechnologies

4:40 pm Directly Targeting Autoantigen-Specific T-Cells

  • Saso Cermerski VP & Head of Discovery & Translational Immunology, Cue Biopharma

5:10 pm Shielded Living Therapeutics (SLTx): A novel allogeneic cell therapy platform for induction of antigen-specific immune tolerance & restoration of immune homeostasis.

5:40 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:50 pm End of Day