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9:00 am Opening Remarks from the Chair

Optimizing the Identification of Novel Targets: Evaluation of Antigen & Epitope Discovery

9:10 am Success Story: Overcoming Challenges in Antigen Discovery for Complex Disease Progression

  • Karsten Sauer Vice President of Immunology, Repertoire Immune Medicines

9:40 am Monoclonal Antibodies Specific for Multiple Novel Targets to Suppress Type 1 Diabetes (t1d).

  • Li Zhang Assistant Professor Medicine-Endocrinology, Baylor College of Medicine

10:10 am Combination therapy with Tregitope and Cashew Improves & Accelerates Therapeutic Effects of Epicutaneous Immunotherapy in a Robust Mouse Model of Cashew Allergy

10:30 am Digital Networking break

Therapeutic immunization and using nanoparticles to delivery antigen-specific tolerogenic therapies

11:00 am Antigen-Specific Peptide Immunotherapy for Type 1 Diabetes

11:30 am Treg-Enhancing Approaches to Drive Tolerance Induction in the Clinic

  • Matthias Von Herrath Vice President & Senior Medical Officer, Global Chief Medical Officer, Novo Nordisk

12:00 pm PS-LIPOSOMES, a Flexible Tech-Platform to Induce Antigen- Specific Immune Tolerance

  • Bruna Barneda Pre-Clinical & Clinical Development Director, Ahead Therapeutics

12:30 pm Networking Lunch

1:30 pm TOL2 and TOL3: Antigen Specific Tolerogenic Therapies for the Treatment of Myasthenia Gravis and ANCA vasculitis

2:00 pm Delivery of Autoantigenic peptides/proteins to APCs Using Nanoparticle Vehicles; Challenges In the Pursuit of Immune Tolerance in Progressive Autoimmune Diseases

  • Ranjeny Thomas Professor of Rheumatology, University of Queensland, Translational Research Institute

2:30 pm Treg-Enhancing Approaches to Drive Tolerance Induction in the Clinic

3:00 pm Networking Break

Next Steps for the Immune Tolerance Research Field

3:30 pm Magnifying Antigen-Specific Tolerance

  • Randolph Noelle Professor, Dartmouth Medical School; Co- Founder & Vice Chair, ImmuNext

4:00 pm Panel: Developing Precision Immune Tolerance Therapeutics

4:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:40 pm End of Conference